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The academic publications of the institute's research groups are listed in the publication pages of the research groups and of the individual researchers.

Annual Reports

PICS - Publication Series of the Institute of Cognitive Science

The listed publications cover distinguished Bachelor and Master theses as well as reports of study projects of the Institute of Cognitive Science (ICS) and workshops organized by members of the ICS
  • Tarek R. Besold & Kai-Uwe Kühnberger (eds.)
    Proceedings of the Workshop on "Neural-Cognitive Integration" (NCI @ KI 2015)

  • Tarek R. Besold, Kai-Uwe Kühnberger, Marco Schorlemmer & Alan Smaill (eds.)
    Proceedings of the Workshop “Computational Creativity, Concept Invention, and General Intelligence”

  • Arne Recknagel
    An Approach to Efficiently Calculating Dodgson-Scores Using Heuristics and Parallel Computing

  • Tarek R. Besold, Kai-Uwe Kühnberger, Marco Schorlemmer & Alan Smaill (eds.)
    Proceedings of the Workshop “Computational Creativity, Concept Invention, and General Intelligence”

  • Tarek R. Besold, Kai-Uwe Kühnberger, Marco Schorlemmer & Alan Smaill (eds.)
    Proceedings of the Workshop "Computational Creativity, Concept Invention, and General Intelligence"

  • Ahmed M. H. Abdel-Fattah & Kai-Uwe Kühnberger (eds.)
    Proceedings of the Workshop "Formalizing Mechanisms for Artificial General Intelligence and Cognition (Formal MAGiC)"

  • Tarek R. Besold, Kai-Uwe Kühnberger, Marco Schorlemmer & Alan Smaill (eds.)
    Proceedings of the Workshop "Computational Creativity, Concept Invention, and General Intelligence"

  • Nicole Troxler (2011)
    Theory of Mind in Chimpanzees - An Overview of the Recent Debate

  • Asena Paskaleva (2011)
    A Phenomenological Assessment of Depression Narratives

  • Amadeus Magrabi (2011)
    Self-Control in the Free Will Debate. The Implications of Empirical Studies

  • Laura Moisi (2011)
    The Science of Depression. Sketch of a Non-Reductive, Multi-Level Approach

  • Martin Schmidt (2010)
    Restricted Higher-Order Anti-Unification for Heuristic-Driven Theory Projection

  • Angela Schwering, Ulf Krumnack, Kai-Uwe Kühnberger & Helmar Gust (eds.) (2010)
    Investigating Experimentally Problem Solving Strategies in Geometric Proportional Analogies

  • Verena Willenbockel (2010)
    Does Color Contrast Guide Human Overt Attention?

  • Torsten Betz (2010)
    Detailed Investigation of the Effects of Color on Human Overt Attention

  • Sven Dähne (2010)
    Optimizing Sensorimotor Space Representations with Respect to Predictability

  • Stefan Scherbaum (2010)
    Neural Synchronization in the Crossmodal Integration of Camouflage Pictures and Sounds

  • Sonja Schall (2010)
    Amplitude Locking of EEG Activity to Dynamic Audiovisual Stimuli

  • Sepp Kollmorgen & Sylvia Schröder (2010)
    Task Depedent Information in Different Image Patches: Its Integration and Influence on Fixation Behavior

  • Robert Märtin (2010)
    Towards Ground Truth Disparity Maps of Natural Scenes: Combining Laser Range Scans and Stereo Images

  • Nora Nortmann (2010)
    From Bubble to Bubble: Task Dependent Selection of Image Content by Overt Visual Attention

  • Niklas Wilming (2010)
    JAMF: A Generic Modelling Framework for Attention Models with a Focus on Skin Detection

  • Nicolas Höning (2010)
    JAMF: A Generic Modelling Framework for Attention Models with a Focus on Visual Feature Extraction

  • Lina M. Jansen (2010)
    Influence on 3D Natural Stimuli on Eye Movements and the Selection of Fixation Points

  • Lina Jansen (2010)
    Human Eye Movement in Three Dimensional Natural Scenes

  • Lars Hausfeld (2010)
    Cortical Activity During Cross-Modal Integration of Simple Audio-Visual Stimuli

  • Klas Arne Ihme (2010)
    Cross-Modal Integration of Audio-Visual Information. An EEG Study

  • Kai Görgen (2010)
    Combining Eyetracking and EEG

  • Johannes M. Steger (2010)
    Fusion of 3D Laser Scans and Stereo Images for Disparity Maps of Natural Scenes

  • Jessika Reissland (2010)
    Crossmodal Integration of Audio-Visual Information

  • Hannes Saal (2010)
    Intrinsic Dimensionality of Visual Stimuli at the Center of Gaze

  • Frank Schumann (2010)
    Integration of Different Features in Guiding Eye-Movements

  • Cornell Schreiber (2010)
    A Use Case for Contextual Guidance of Bayesian Feature Integration in JAMF

  • Cliodhna Quigley (2010)
    Audiovisual Integration of Natural Stimuli for the Control of Overt Attention

  • Christine Carl (2010)
    A Combined fMRI and Eye Tracking Study of Human Overt Attention

  • Christian Mühl (2010)
    An EEG-Study on Object-Based Attention in Multimodal Natural Stimuli

  • Paula Henk (2010)
    Information Structure of Estonian - Compared to Finnish and Hungarian

  • Boris Bernhardt (2010)
    How Disparity Fits into the Statistics and the Neural Processing of Natural Scenes. An EEG Study

  • Antje Petzold (2010)
    An fMRI Study on Context-Dependent Processing of Natural Visual Scenes

  • Anke Ninija Karabanov (2010)
    Eye Tracking as a Tool for Investigating the Comprehension of Referential Expressions

  • Alper Acik (2010)
    Effects of Contrast and its Modifications on Fixation Behavior during Free Viewing of Images from Different Categories

  • Manuel Ebert (2010)
    A Phenomenological Approach to Artificial Jazz Improvisation

  • Peter Geibel & Brijnesh J. Jain (eds.) (2007)
    LNDV 2007: Learning from Non-Vectorial Data. Proceedings of the KI-2007 Workshop held in Osnabrück, Germany, September 20th, 2007

  • Angela Schwering, Ulf Krumnack, Kai-Uwe Kühnberger & Helmar Gust (eds.) (2007)
    Analogies: Integrating Multiple Cognitive Abilities

  • Ulas Türkmen (2007)
    Behavioral Category Acquisition

  • Judith Degen (2007)
    Processing Scalar Implicatures: What Role Does the Question of Default Play for the Debate Between (Neo-)Griceanism and Relevance Theory?

  • Christopher Lörken (2007)
    Introducing Affordances into Robot Task Execution

  • Uwe Mönnich & Kai-Uwe Kühnberger (eds.) (2007)
    Ontologies in Text Technology: Approaches to Extract Semantic Knowledge from Structured Information

  • Nicolas Neubauer (2006)
    Recursive SOMs and Automata

  • Klaus Tichacek (2006)
    Cross-Modal Integration of Natural Auditory and Visual Stimuli

  • Saskia K. Nagel (2006)
    Coherence of Human EEG Signals during Crossmodal Integration of Natural Stimuli

  • Markus Ertmer (2006)
    Kognitionslinguistische und lernpsychologische Überlegungen für den Entwurf eines Tools zur Unterstützung autonomen Wortschatzerwerbs

  • Norman Lierhaus (2006)
    Natural Scene Statistics at Monkey's Center of Gaze

  • Kerstin Tanja Simone Wirz (2006)
    The Influence of Chromatic Information on Guiding Human Overt Attention

  • Nora Nortmann (2006)
    Complexity of Image Content at Trajectories of Fixation Points in Natural Visual Stimuli

  • Christian Kaul (2006)
    An Experimental Eye-Tracking Paradigm to Investigate Overt Visual Attention with fMRI

  • Frank Freyer (2006)
    Funktionelle Magnetresonanztomographie. Eine wissenschaftsphilosophische Untersuchung

  • Sonja Engmann (2006)
    Integration of Luminance Contrast and Colour Contrast in Directing the Human Gaze

  • Michael Ernst Elbers
    Intent on Acting - Acting on Intentions. A Comparison of Belief-Desire-Intention (BDI) Approaches and Psi-Theory (Psi) with respect to the Agent Architectures Proposed, Focussing on Intention and Utility in the Regulation of Action

  • Lena Maria Kurzen (2005)
    Analogy and Bisimulation: A Comparison of Indurkhya's Cognitive Models and Heuristic-Driven Theory Projection

  • Friedrich Albert, Jaqueline Griego, Stanley James, Christiane Kabisch, Oleksandr Kolomiyets, Ute Kreitz, Jens Kunkemöller, Jiayong Liu, Christian Mühl, Saskia Nagel, Nicolas Neubauer & Frank Schumann (2005)
    MINI: Mechanisms In Neuropsychological Issues

  • Radoslaw Martin Cichy (2005)
    The Dennettian Concept of Intentionality: Past and Present

  • Christian Mühl (2005)
    Memory Consolidation and the Hippocampal Complex

  • Carsten Wittenberg (2005)
    Modeling Gender Effects in Lexical Access Using Simple Recurrent Networks: Implications for an Interactive-Activation Model

  • Zoe Rebecca Hunter (2005)
    Plasticity of the Adult Human Brain and Motor Recovery after Stroke

  • Daniela Agneta Kalb (2005)
    Interaction of Hippocampus and Cortex - Evidences from Semantic Dementia

  • Christa Deiwiks (2005)
    A Formal Model of International Mediation: Application and Prospects

  • Klaus Dalinghaus
    Realisierung und Optimierung eines Neuro-Fuzzy Systems zur Erkennung rhythmischer Muster

  • Saskia K. Nagel (2005)
    Embodied, Dynamical Representationalism - Representations in Cognitive Science

  • Nicolas Neubauer (2004)
    Emergence in a Multiagent Simulation of Communicative Behaviour

  • Jan Scholz (2004)
    Emergence in Cognitive Science: Clark's Four Proposals to the Emergentists

  • Christine Carl (2004)
    Kernels for Structures

  • Christian Kaul, Johannes Knabe, Tobias Lang & Volker Sperschneider (2004)
    Filtering Spam E-Mail with Support Vector Machines

  • Andreas G. Nie, Angelika Hönemann, Andres Pegam, Collin Rogowski, Leonhard Hennig, Marco Diedrich, Philipp Hügelmeyer, Sean Buttinger & Timo Steffens
    ORCA: Osnabrueck RoboCup Agents Project

  • Gordon Bernedo, Manuel Boeck, Michael Elbers, Stefan Scherbaum, Tobias Widdra, Jens Wissmann, Nadja Althaus, Kathrin Beck & Jasmin Bennöhr
    MAPA: A Mapping Architecture for People's Association

  • Roland Thomaschke (2004)
    Robert Cummins' Kritik an der kausalen Theorie mentaler Repräsentation am Beispiel der Lernbarkeit von LOT-Termen

  • Timo Steffens (2004)
    Feature-Based Declarative Opponent-Modelling in Multi-Agent Systems

  • Frank Schumann (2004)
    Embodied Cognitive Science: Is it Part of Cognitive Science? Analysis within a Philosophy of Science Background

  • Patrick Tschorn (2004)
    Automatically Aligning English-German Parallel Texts at Sentence Level Using Linguistic Knowledge

  • Nikos Green (2004)
    MOVID. Motion Influence on Decision-Making Processes. A Bounded Relational Approach within Dynamic Cognitive Tuning Frameworks.

  • Graham Katz, Sabine Reinhard & Philip Reuter (Eds.) (2002)
    Proceedings of the 6th Annual Meeting of the Gesellschaft für Semantik