Dissertation Theses

Topics suggested for dissertation projects

Possible topics for dissertation projects include but are not limited to areas like

  • Analogical reasoning
  • Machine learning
  • Representation of logical inferences by neural networks
  • Algebraic representation formalisms for reasoning processes
  • Ontologies for learning environments
  • Modeling intensions by algorithms in linguistic applications
  • Modeling errors in learning environments
  • Semi-structured data and ontologies for AI applications

For an overview over the research topics of the AI group see Research

Examples of concrete working titles are

  • Learning first-order logical inferences in neural networks using representations in a topos
  • Multiple-domain inference systems for analogical reasoning processes
  • Relations of ontological structures between different domains in analogical reasoning processes
  • Automatic assessment of solutions for programming assignments in PROLOG / LISP

For more information on the individual topics contact Prof. Dr. Kai-Uwe Kühnberger or Dr. habil. Helmar Gust

For more information about the Doctorate Programme see http://www.cogsci.uos.de/en/DoctorateProgramme.html