Information for Beginners

Welcome to Osnabrück! Here you can find a collection of useful links for new students in Osnabrück. Please also look at the pages of your program of study, General Info (Bachelor) and General Info (Master), and at the relevant admission regulations. If you have questions or comments, please do not hesitate to contact us at

If you would like to get in touch with CogSci students, you can email the Fachschaft (student body) at:


The University of Osnabrück is located in the city center. In addition, there is a campus on the Westerberg (about 7 minutes by bike from downtown Osnabrück). The Institute of Cognitive Science is located on the Westerberg in building 31 (see map below). Classes are held in various buildings.

Westerberg (click for full view)Westerberg (click for full view)


Applications are processed by the Studierendensekretariat (student's office); for more information see application (Bachelor) and application (Master)

Students' Office
Neuer Graben 27
49074 Osnabrück Raum 19/E 17 (A-D)
Tel.: +49-(0)541-969-4141
Fax: +49-(0)541-969-4850



All CogSci classes are listed at "Lectures".

Study Advice

There is a Central Student Advisory at the University of Osnabrück and one which is specifically for Cognitive Science.


The Studentenwerk (similar to a students' union) has information on how to find a room, how to apply for grants (BAFöG), the mensa (cafeteria), etc.

Orientation week for new students

The central study advisors and the Akademisches Auslandsamt organize an orientation week for new students at the beginning of each winter semester. Here you can get acquainted with Osnabrück, the university and the study program, and you will also meet other CogSci students. We strongly advise you to take advantage of this opportunity. Information about the orientation week is distributed with your immatriculation documents and can be found at the Erstsemester-Seite.

Mathematics preparation course

There is a mathematics preparation course (see Lectures, "Studienvorkurs: Einführung in die mathematische Begriffsbildung"). The course will be offered as an intensive study course shortly before the beginning of the semester. Attendance is strongly recommended.

Sports, music and cultural activities

The university offers a large variety of sports, music and cultural activities. More information can be found on the Unitversity's website


The Homepage of Osnabrück provides information about cultural events, recreational facilities, etc. There you also can find the locations and opening hours for the municipal authorities.

Finding a place to live

Only a small portion of German students lives in dormitories. It is far more common to share an apartment (Wohngemeinschaft) where everybody has their own room, while kitchen, bathroom, and other facilities are shared.

  • a good address to start looking for an apartment is the Studentenwerk. They administer the official dormitories (Studentenwohnheime) of the university. They also house the so-called 'Wohnraumberatung', where the addresses of free rooms or apartments can be obtained for a small fee.
  • if you want to share an apartment, you should look for private announcements for "WGs" (Wohngemeinschaften) on the notice boards in the dining hall (Mensa), the Kreishaus, the AVZ (Westerberg)and the Juridicum.
  • Have a look at the housing market on the homepage of the student body
  • advertisements for free rooms and apartments can also be found in the Neue Osnabrücker Zeitung (Wednesdays and Saturdays, or online)
  • the homepage of the university has a virtual notice board, where you can sometimes find advertisements for available rooms
  • for a few nights, you can stay at the Youth Hostel