Student Advisory

[Information concerning application and admission regulations can be found under Bachelor Program application and Master Program application]

Advisors for the Bachelor Program

Linguistics and Computational Linguistics see Study Program Comp. Linguistics -
Artificial Intelligence Kai-Uwe Kühnberger Tel: +49-541-969-3384
Philosophy and Philosophy of Cognition Achim Stephan Tel: +49-541-969-3359
Computer Science and Neuroinformatics Gordon Pipa Tel: +49-541-969-2277
Mathematics Oliver Röndigs Tel: +49-541-969-2659
Neurobiology Gunnar Jeserich Tel: +49-541-969-2880
Computer Vision Gunther Heidemann Tel: +49-541-969-3371
Cognitive Psychology and Psychology N.N.


Besides the student advisory service, there is a mentoring program for the Bachelor Program. Experienced students support freshmen and may connect to a university teacher who acts as mentor over the whole period of study, offering the student advice on all questions concerning his/her studies. Contact:

Advisor for the Master Program

Achim Stephan, Tel: +49-541-9693359

Advisor for the Doctorate Program

Gunther Heidemann Tel.:+49-541-969-3371

Central Student Advisory at the University of Osnabrück

Contacting CogSci Students

Should you wish to contact the CogSci students, feel free to do so through the student organization (Fachschaft)


For information on the requirements and the application details for the CogSci programs, please visit the application pages of the programs.