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Useful Software (Neuroscience)

PCSIMA parallel neural circuit simulator developed at IGI, TU Graz, written in C++ with an interface to Python.
CSIMThe predecessor of PCSIM, written in C++ and providing a MEX interface to Matlab.
BIOSigAn open source software library for biomedical signal processing, developed by Alois Schloegl.
EEGLabAn open source toolbox for the analysis of electrophysiological data in Matlab.
CircStatA Matlab toolbox for circular statistics, developed by Philipp Berens and Marc J. Velasco.
OGERA Python toolbox for rapidly building, training and evaluating hierarchical learning architectures on large datasets, formerly named 'ENGINE', developed at the Ghent Reservoir Lab.
Other RC SoftwareA selection of software packages related to Reservoir Computing, collected at the ORGANIC project webpage.
Some of these software packages might be a bit outdated by now, but some might still find them helpful.