Directions to venue and hotel

Bus from the main train station to the hotel: There are several busses from the train station to the hotel, but you have to switch bus lines at “Neumarkt” in some cases. The most comfortable connection (6 minutes, no switching) is via bus lines 21 (“Osnabrück Wissenschaftspark/ICO”) or 22 (“Atterfeld”). The bus stop closest to the hotel is “Uni/Osnabrückhalle” (see map below). The price for a single ticket is € 2,70.

Bus from the main train station to the venue: You can take the same line as to the hotel (21/22, see above), and leave the bus at “Neumarkt”, or take one of the lines R31 (“Lotte”), 32 (“Atter-Strothesiedlung”), and 33 (“Attersee”) and leave the bus at the bus stop “Neumarkt” or the bus stop “Kamp- Promenade” (see map below), which are both similarly close to the venue.

For further bus connections, see: VBN Travel Planner

Addresses: The address of the hotel is Arcona Living, Neuer Graben 39. The address of the venue is Zimeliensaal, Universitätsbibliothek Alte Münze, Alte Münze 14-16. The address of the location where the public talk takes place is Neuer Graben 40, opposite of the hotel.

From the hotel to the venue: The hotel and the venue are in walking distance from each other (see map below). Just walk by the Osnabrück castle, which is the main university building, turn left and cross the street at the next crossing. After about 100 meters, the venue is on the right hand side (library building). A photo of the building can be found HERE. The "Zimeliensaal" (room 09/114) is on the first floor."

From the hotel/venue to the location of the public talk: The location of the public talk is opposite of the hotel, across the street. The room is on the first floor (room 41/112).

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