Research Area "Neurocybernetics"

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Institute of Cognitive Science
University of Osnabrück

Tools: Physical Simulation

Get the current version of YARS (Yet Another Robot Simulator) at SourceForge

To evolve neuro-controllers for and/or morphology of mobile robots there is a need for a fast and stable physical simulation environment. For most of the simulations we are using YARS (Yet Another Robot Simulator) wich is an easily configurable, stable and fast simulator based on the ODE library. YARS was jointly developed by members of this group and members of the former INDY team at the Fraunhofer IAIS. Our simulation environment allows for an efficient implementation of all necessary physical components such as friction, slip, gravity, different types of joints, obstacles, sensors (force sensor, camera sensor, ...) and motors (servo, torque driven ...).

As can be seen e.g. in micro.adam & micro.eva and the AMOS series of walking machines we are able to successfully apply the controllers which are developed in simulation to real hardware.

Examples of simulated robots can be found under projects.

Contact: Arndt von Twickel and Keyan Ghazi-Zahedi