June 20–22, 2013

University of Osnabrück, Zimeliensaal (map)


The aim of this workshop is to explore the role of the body and environment (including the social and cultural environment) in emotion and other affective phenomena, such as moods and feelings.

Questions to be explored include,

  1. "How do bodily feelings contribute to the intentionality of emotions?" ,

  2. "Given that emotions are both bodily and cognitive phenomena, how do these two aspects square with one another?" , and

  3. "How do our interactions with our environment influence emotions and other affective processes?"

The registered contributions promise to discuss the relation of action and emotion, the experience of emotion over time, as well as feelings in religious contexts. A special focus will be laid on embodied, embedded, enacted and extended emotions (analogous to the embodied/embedded/extended mind debates.)


Participation is free, but please register with Wendy Wilutzky(wwilutzk@uos.de) or Petra Diessel (pdiessel@uos.de).


For several contributions, we would like to provide prepared commentaries. If you are interested in participating as a commentator, please contact Wendy Wilutzky (wwilutzk@uos.de) or Achim Stephan (achim.stephan@uos.de).


The Role of Body and Environment in Emotion

University of Osnabrück

Institute of Cognitive Science